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find the perfect strain

our superior algorithms and massive database of cannabis variaties empowers you to find the perfect combination of effect and flavor. need something to treat depression that tastes like bubblegum? we got it!


input your ailment

anthropomorphic cannabis plant flower using a mobile phone to input desired cannabis plant effects to treat his medical or psychological condition


pick a flavor

anthropomorphic cannabis plant flower using a mobile phone to choose his preferred cannabis plant product flavor of pineapple



anthropomorphic cannabis plant flower showing his satisfaction with the MED CABINET application

perfection awaits

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meet the team

MED CABINET was founded by and is operated by some of the very top minds in botanical cannabinoid science and medical database artificial intelligence algorithms.


Nickolai Gaivoranski, team lead

Nickolai is the top brain among top brains, leading us to glory


John Rossi, front-end ReactJS engineer

John is a legendary front-end ReactJS programmer


Thomas Huynh, back-end nodeJS engineer

Thomas is our nodeJS wizard. Everything flows through Tom.


David Martinez, data scientist

David is our machine learning engineer. His algorithms change lives.


Joshua Piche, data engineer

Josh is our data engineer, you just won't believe what he is capable of.


James Brennan, front-end UI

James is a user interface Rembrandt, his designs transcend what anyone thought was possible.


Kevin St.Onge, front-end web developer

Kevin built this marketing page for the project.

perfection awaits

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